Packing tips for a big trip

The packing procedure was quite painful. Not only is it very counter productive to pack with 3 kids but we also needed to pack away a lot of stuff and empty wardrobes since we have rented out our house for the period we are away. Julian did not want to bring anything, and Andrea thinks everything could be useful…resulting in that the packing is rather optimised.

Alex getting in the Mexican spirit while “helping” to pack…

We managed to pack everything in one backpack and one suitcase. We brought clothes for one week for the kids and less for adults. In Alexander’s stroller bag (always handy with free check-in) we fitted some nappy packages. The kids were allowed one small backpack each that they could fill with toys they wanted to bring. When travelling with a baby it is a good idea is to bring an extra shade for the pushchair (which was on our list, but we forgot it in the end). What is really useful is a portable babychair, a sacknseat, because basic restaurants do not have high chairs and it is useful to be able to eat in the room/on the patio aswell. A general tip is to not bring any clothes you care about or white/light coloured items. We wash clothes at local laundry services (or lavendarias) and although the clothes smell nice and are beautifully folded, they are just as stained as when we left them in!

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