The epic journey (meatballs included)…

2017-03-08 06.07.31At 4 oclock in the morning the taxi came and picked us up. The kids were amazing despite the early hours. It was a new experience to shovel the snow away in sandals, to be able to get the bags through our garden to the taxi! Adios snow!

We flew via Paris, to avoid to have a connect fligth within the US, since we then would have had to go through customs and check in our bags again.

In Charles de Gaulle we sat down in the first corner we could find, the kids ran around like maniacs, and ate cold meetballs we brought from home because the food on the flights seems to never come at the right moment. By calling it a picnic, the kids played along and it was a fun lunch for the kids. After an insanely long walk to our new gate, we eventually were on our longhaul flight from France to Mexico.

The flight from Paris to Cancun takes about 11 hours and Alex was absolutely terrible the whole time. We had booked a babycot for him, but he could not sleep for more than 15 minutes! He is not vey clever with sleeping, and even worse in a plane! We had brought some tablets to make him a bit sleepy, but that did not work at all. 11 hours have never felt so long! Elisa, our 7 year old didn’t sleep for 1 second until we were landing in Mexico and Edward our 4 year old was so excited to be able to watch films on his own screen with headphones that he would keep screaming updates on what was happening. Needless to say it wasn’t the most fun flight!

When we arrived in Cancun airport we exchanged some money, took a taxi to the ferry via a quick stop at walmart to get some babyfood and nappies for Alex. In our rush to jump onto the departing ferry, we missed that we had to get a ticket for the baby, even if it was free, but with all our luggage and sleepy children, a very kind man rushed to the ticket office and handed me the ticket onboard! The ferry took only about 20 minutes (long enough for Edward to fall fast asleep) and when we finally arrived to the port in Isla Mujeres, a porter with a bike helped wheel all our bags to the hotel, on his way past a few resturants where he was delivering vegetables form the mainland.  We had been travelling for 24 hours and it is an understatement to say that we all were exhaused. Edward was walking with his eyes shut the whole way from the port to our hotel. We checked in, got a pre-arrnaged cot for Alex and all fell fast asleep very quickly!

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    1. I did! It might habeen a wasp though! I remember it really well going for a wee behind a tree and thinking it woud be interesting to wee on the bee’s nest. My advice is not to try!


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