Our babies got injured!

20170324_080040Alex had a bit of an accident. It is difficult to be alone with 3 kids, and the 8 month old baby is the wildest of them all. Andrea needed to have a shower while Julian was out, so Alex was put on the bathroom floor. When Andrea looks out of the shower, Alex is chewing away on the used toiletpaper he has found in a closed bin in the other corner of room (you cannot flush down the toiletpaper in Mexico). Andrea puts him closer to the shower to have a better overview, but then he slides in his own puddle of dribble on the superslippery floor and hits his forhead right on the sharp shower metal frame on the floor. The result: A big and deep cut that would probably have healed nicely if he hadn’t fallen on his forehead the next day and cut it all open again… A few treatments of iodine solution, and he’ll be fine. We can expect a scar which will sadly be his only memory of this trip!

Of a less self-inflicted nature, Elisa and Edward both had some minor injuries. Edward and the bee stinging his foot we’ve already mentioned, he’s now stopped wrapping himself up in towels as soon as he sees water!

Elisa and Edward went for a swim in the sea with Andrea and both children came out screaming. Andrea thought it was just the salt in the water that was a bit itchy on the skin…but very unfortunately it turns out that both got stung by small jellyfish! Edward was howling like never before, and luckily for us, (although less so for them)  our neighbours’ children had been stung that morning so the kids got some soothing after-bite. And all was solved with ice cream.


Edward was around the pool today unsupervised (with armbands on) and started screaming. We immedietly thought it was the next in his series of dangerous animal stings. To our delight, it was in fact a tiny beetle (less than 1 cm long) that sat on his floating toy, it was only his insect phobia. Edward has always had a phobia of insects, delirious nightmares with ants in his bed as a 2 year old and even afraid of snails last summer – so our trip to the jungles of Costa Rica will be interesting…


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