Are you in HOLIDAY MODE yet? Here is our checklist…

It’s strange how there are some things you only do on vacation. For instance, have you ever drank some sangria in Spain before driving home? For some strange reason you think is totally okay on holiday, but it would be out of the question at home. Well, after 6 weeks of travelling – here is our checklist to know if you are truly in holiday mode:

  1. TIME: You have no idea what time it is (nor date!). You realise after a week that your clocks are completely wrong (by 1-2 hours) resulting in arriving almost 2 hours late for your only scheduled meeting (sorry Kerry!). You eat dinner some time between 17-21.
  2. SAFETY: On holiday, you jump into the first taxi you find, and go for several hours not only without boosters for the kids, but the car doesn’t even have seatbelts!
  3. TRUST: You leave your 8 month old baby with a babysitter you have just met for only 30 seconds (and that does not speak a word of English)
  4. INTIMACY: You go shopping in your swimming trunks and show yourself half naked in a (way too short) t-shirt and old knickers to complete strangers, just because you forgot your things by the pool.
  5. HYGENE:  You haven’t worn makeup for 6 weeks. In that time, the kids have washed their hair once… Hello dreadlocks! You calmly notice a lizard living under your sofa.
  6. MULTI-TASKING: You try to fold your pushchair not only once, but twice (since it didn’t work the first time) only to find out that the baby is still sitting in it…
  7. VANITY: You think sleeveless vests look good on you and walk around for 6 weeks in shorts were the zipper is totally broken with the boutique permanently open.
  8. FORGETFULNESS: You bring your digital camera to the only excursion that you know that you will have a close encounter with monkeys, only to realise the memorycard is still in the computer, so impossible to take any photos
  9. KILLING TIME: That feeling, when you have nothing better to do than play Yatzy 1000 times before arranging all the bright-coloured things you can find in a rainbow pattern…
  10. HEALTHY HABITS: Your kids eat french fries and hamburgers 5 times a week (at least! haven’t dared to count) and everyday is fredagsmys (Swedish reference).

How to score the checklist: score 1 point per tick and add up your total.

  • 1-5 points: you need to prolong your vacation
  • 6-8 points: well done you are starting to relax
  • 9-10 points: time to go home!



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