When we got covered in bat blood…

Our bloody adventure in Dominical

One evening we went to dinner in a small restaurant above the local laundry service. It didn’t seem like much but had been recommended by locals Andrea had met. In the basement, under pillars was where you could drop off your laundry. Julian went down to be welcomed by 5 dogs with no sign of human beings. Eventually a young girl wrapped in a towel took in the clothes to be washed and picked up a few days later. We sat down upstairs for dinner and were completely ignored, eventually getting menus. It was an open restaurant, in that it had a roof with fans but no windows. Suddenly a bat flew in and started flapping around above our table. Julian’s mum is terrified of bats so we all immedietely pointed it out, of course. It was very funny until the bat flew into the fan, got decpaitated and sprayed blood over Andrea and our table! Luckily we hadn’t ordered our food because there was hot bat blood splaterred all over. We pointed it out to the people working there who just shrugged and eventually got out a brush and dustpan to throw away our dead guest. Surprisingly we did stay to eat and unsurprisingly it was terrible. We won’t name it as the bloody bat wasn’t really their fault but needless to say, if you find a restaurant above a laundry service in Dominical village, avoid it…

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