Amazing animals and beautiful birds of the Yucatan

We heard there are jaguars and howler monkeys so were very excited to see animals here. Here’s a list of some of the animals we have seen though.

Edward is doing a project at daycare on birds, so they get a special mention: We had to look this up in a birds of the yucatan book my aunt has, here are the birds we’ve seen wild: Bananaquit (small bright yellow birds), Grey-necked Wood rail (very strange brown winged, grey bodied, pink legged bird we fed bread to), Chapala white crane (so beautiful when they take off and glide over the sea), beautiful black frigate birds that seem to never flap their wings (picture of one catching a fish mid-air), Brown Pelican (they’re huge and just dive in even if there are people around to grab their fish dinner straight out of the sea), yucatan Jay (black birds with amazing bright blue wings). We also saw 2 parrots that were so colourful apparently called Scarlet Macaw and Military Macaw. And today, we saw a red-headed woodpecker.

birds.pngIguanas are everywhere!  Wherever there are hot rocks, there are iguanas! They’re so funny, like big prehistoric lizards just staring at you menacingly. Our pool in Holbox is gurded by 6 massive iguanas! Their nests are somehow under the terrace around the pool so they’re constantly just there watching you. Andrea and Edward are terrified so don’t dare walk around the pool!

IMG_5554.JPGOn our hunt for ice cream in Puerto Aventuras, we went for a very long walk and saw turles swimming away in the marina, a tree full of brown pelicans. The marina has a marine life program, partly an encounter experience, partly conservation, where we saw Manatee (huge and so slow and brown, the children thought they looked like poopoos), sealions (Julian and Edward had a kiss and cuddle with one) and bottle nose dolphins (which Elisa swam with on her birthday).

7850203.jpgWe saw racoons at night and agouti (like a giant but very cute fat squirrel without a tail) during the day just walking around in the street.

Agouti_01sHere in Holbox, we’ve seen coati (a mix between a fox, badger and lemur we think) and our garden is overtaken by racoons at night. One just walked right up to me now as I am posting this sitting in a hammock outside.


So we haven’t seen jaguars or howler monkies but still lots of new animals none of us had seen before. Can’t wait for Costa Rica, where Edward will finally see a sloth he has been going on and on about…

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